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What is Web Application Security Testing?

Web application security testing is the process of finding security vulnerabilities in source codes of web apps, using manual and automated application security testing methods and multiple tests.

In other words, security of a web application is all about securing a web application code from cyber attacks that leave no stone unturned to exploit application code vulnerabilities.

13 Application Vulnerability Scanners

1. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Get Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) source code

2. Wfuzz

Get Wfuzz source code.

3. Wapiti

Get Wapiti source code.

3. Zed Attack Proxy

Get ZAP here

4. Arachni

Get Arachni source code.

5. Grabber

Get Grabber source code.

6. Iron Wasp

Get Iron Wasp source code.

7. Vega

Get Vega here.

8. W3af

Get W3af here.

9. WebScarab

GitHub source code is here

Get WebScarab here.

10. SonarQube

Get SonarQube source code.

Why is Web Application Security Testing Important?

The importance of a secure web application architecture becomes more evident with reports like 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report .

Even in 2021, the Verizon Breach Investigations Report 2021

  • With more than 90%, web applications, as attack vectors,  are still the favourite target of cyber attackers.
  • Involvement of web applications in more than half of cyber incidents has been observed. This includes servers in the form of web apps. Email and Databases etc.)
  • Pattern of cyber attacks on web applications has touched a new realm of heights and is on its highest level since 2016.
  • Patching application vulnerabilities is still a ‘task’ for  many. Surprisingly, once found,  it takes more than 70 days to patch a vulnerability and approximately 40% of cases are like this.
  • Hacking was the prime reason for attacks in the form of system intrusion.
  • Cent per cent web application security cyber attacks happen from the outside and more than 85% of such attacks revolve around money as motivation.

From SaaS application security to content management systems like WordPress, application security threat of OWASP Top 10 Web Application security risks of malicious code manipulation keep software developers awake.

What are the types of Application Security Testing?

There are 7 types of web application security testing.

Application Vulnerability Scanning:

Application Security Scanning:

Penetration testing of Application:

AppSec Risk Assessment:

Application Security Auditing:

Ethical hacking of Application:

Posture Assessment:

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