Top 15 Best DAST tools to automate dynamic Application security tests on business web applications

Dynamic Application security testing (DAST) tools automate application security vulnerability scanning testing to secure business applications, in production, against sophisticated application security attacks and vulnerabilities and provide appsec test results to quickly triage and mitigate (CVE)critical issues found.

The DAST scanning engine acts as automated and fully configurable web application security scanner enabling IT developers, security experts and pen-testers build security automation into every step of software development lifecycle SDLC

helps your business to monitor potential application security vulnerabilities, hackers’ efforts and shields you against potential attack vectors.

What is Dynamic application security testing (DAST)?

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), also known as a black box testing,  is an application security vulnerability assessment and testing methodology that performs  penetration tests , from a hacker’s approach, on an application in runtime and digs deep into input/output validation issues to find and mitigate vulnerabilities through simulated attacks.

DAST testing is performed from the outside of the application and is often used in conjunction with SAST so that there’s a better understanding of any vulnerabilities that were found during development .

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Top 12 DAST security testing tools List

  1. Netsparker vulnerability scanner
  2. Beagle Security
  3. Appknox to test mobile app vulnerabilities
  4. Hdiv Security
  5. Veracode
  6. HCL AppScan
  7. Acunetix
  8. Indusface WAS
  9. PortSwigger
  10. Detectify
  11. AppCheck Ltd
  12. AppScan

Netsparker vulnerability scanner

Beagle Security

Appknox to test mobile app vulnerabilities

Hdiv Security


HCL AppScan


Indusface WAS



AppCheck Ltd


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