Simple. Affordable plan for your security content marketing goals.

How much content do you need per month?


INR 45,000

/ Month

4 blogs/month / 700-1200 words/article


INR 65, 000

/ Month

6 blogs a month / 1201-1500 words/article​


INR 1, 50, 000

/ Month

9 blogs a month / 1501+ words/article​

Get Free Social Media Posts

We provide free social media graphic to support your social media posting schedule. Linked, Twtter or Branding. Get your own custom social media designs with any package you choose.

Need more to shine your blog resources?

We'll work to design a package, workflow, and process that makes sense for your content ideation, target audience and ROI goals.

What if I do not like the first draft of the content?

Our content is created using optimized strategies to ensure it fits well with your business processes. If you are not satisfied with the first draft, our content creator team will revise the document to match your expectations.

How can I be assured of plagiarism-free content?

We diligently follow an industry-standard process for original, plagiarism-free content. Our writing team is prepared to verify the information they research is relevant to your topic before they start writing. Plus, out editors use the latest anti-plagiarism software during production so you can be assured that what you are getting is totally unique.

How do you ensure quality content?

Every single content piece delivered to you goes through two levels of checks from our content experts and editors for factual, grammatical, or plagiarism issues. Every article you receive passes through two levels of oversight by subject matter experts and editors to ensure the highest quality.

How many iterations can I get for each content?

Every content piece comes with two rounds of revisions.

Will your blogs resonate with my voice and style?

Before we write for you, we do research. We have a thorough look through your website and business social feeds, skim through existing blogs to find out about your business niche and its hype so as to be able to keep up with audience expectations, and ensure that the tone of the blog is professional to reflect well on your business. Simply put, we search the website and other online platforms you have to determine what it is you wish us to write about or simply analyze your style so that when it's our turn to take the stage with a pen in hand, we will be prepared to hit notes that resonate.

Will the contents be original and plagiarism free?

Yes, zCySec generates absolutely original copy based on your criteria.

How many days does it take to deliver a single content piece?

We will take up to 3 business days to deliver your content. For large projects, we will be able to supply up to 7pieces of content every day. Remember that per article order you are limited to 3 per day except by a long term contract or a big increase in budget for example, or if the article is very specific and highly technical.

How is zCySec different from other freelancers?

Our team boasts a range of talents, including writers capable of creating compelling blog posts, project managers who excel at getting their work done on time and in budget, sales specialists who can place bulk orders, people with great ideas who are able to get other people excited about their projects, and finally quality assurance teams whose main job is to evaluate whether or not what our clients are asking for is possible within the necessary timeframe. Our passion is to transform the cyber security content industry and provide our clients with quality material.

What if I need a content writer for my website?

We create content for whitepapers, ebooks, websites, emails, website copy, letters, pamphlets, brochures and more.

How do I pay?

We accept payments through different payment gateways. For small transactions, customers can pay via UPI. For transactions with larger amounts, our customers can pay with NEFT.
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