Cybersecurity Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Cyber Security Digital Marketing Strategy Guide + Tactics

Being a boutique Cyber Security marketing agency, our objective is direct – improving security products pipeline to create new revenue opportunities.

Marketing Cyber Security solution and service, in the fast-paced, needs to understand the gulf between doing the right things and doing things right. Reason is simple. The Cyber Security marketing is all set to surpass 1 trillion USD in 2021 and while attending an RSA Security conference, one could easily see the ‘noise’ in the security space.

Security landscape has too many cyber security vendors and the main victim is Cyber Security marketing best practices. So, how you position Cybersecurity marketing campaigns will decide if it gels well with cybersecurity decision makers for security tech buying decisions, during their cybersecurity investments.

Cyber Security Marketing for Opportunity Creation

Cyber-attacks are not going anywhere.  Cost of Cyber crime is inching towards $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025

With growing technology adoption and digitization, it goes without saying that a flurry of new information security threats is looming large on computerized systems. There are more applications and data in the cloud which, if not secured, end up becoming victims of cyber-attacks.

With unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, regulatory compliance and security awareness are must to respond swiftly to incidents.

Add compliance and Cyber Security awareness becomes the first line of cyber security defense.

So, what are companies doing for Cyber Security strategies to keep their business, customers data and critical CIA? The following section talks about growing cyber security industry growth.

Cybersecurity Statistics and Trends for 2021

Spending on cybersecurity worldwide, during 2019 was just over 40 billion USD. Talk of 2021, and considering remote work culture touching new heights, the IT security spend if all set to go beyond 50B USD and we are just halfway through 2021.

 This is what we believe to do – addressing Cyber Issues and problems through proper communication. To see ourselves as a cyber security marketing agency, we truly believe the ‘agents’ of marketing strategies and programs.

Cyber Security demand generation:

From thriving cybercrime economy, security threats, to data security regulations core motive behind implementing cyber security strategies lies in:

Cyber Security Marketing

From thriving cybercrime economy, security threats, to data security regulations core motive behind implementing cyber security strategies lies in:

  • Marketing: Strategy, execution, buyer journey
  • Strategy: Channels, analytics, action plan
  • Brand: Messaging, positioning, awareness
  • Content: Strategy and content


  • Nurturing: sales journey, pipeline building
  • Sales enablement: content, tools, messaging

Cyber Security Marketing For Sales Enablement

For a successful cyber security digital marketing outcome, here at Z Cyber Security we focus on marketing, content, and cyber security sales enablement. Mixing content with inbound marketing, our digital marketing services for Cyber Security shortens a long sales cycle.

Cyber Security Persona

The path of closing a Cyber security meeting, and then to a successful purchase, goes through several decision makers/job titles.

Hence, it goes without saying that your security marketing sales and marketing plan should be aligned with security issues infosec leaders concerned with.

Taking a tailored approach for each persona, content is created to deliver both context and content in a conversational form.

Cyber Security Awareness

How do you market cyber security?

Cyber Security Marketing Campaigns

Cyber Security Content Marketing

Cyber Security Blogs for Education

Cyber Security Videos

Cyber Security Email Marketing Campaign

Cyber Security Webinars

Cyber Security Content Marketing

Cyber Security Paid Ads Campaign

Cyber Security Marketing Tips

data-driven approach to messaging

Interactive Content

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