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In an ideal world, a cyber security whitepaper should be crafted in a way that enables your audience to gain a detailed understanding of cyber security threats and how to mitigate them.

What to do when you are an authority in cyber security and work in your own super awesome cyber security firm but find yourself not feeling like you’re the best at properly promoting yourself through social media and putting together a stellar marketing strategy for your business.

If a potential client doesn’t buy into the credentials of your security product then they won’t trust that your product is capable of solving their cyber security problems.

Just as a chef explains the recipe for their dish, you can explain your product or solution in a white paper but with a voice that is unique and authoritative yet still fits your company’s tone. The tone has to consistently differ from the company ’ s overall marketing materials.

A professionally-designed and carefully-written cyber security white paper is one of the most effective ways for vendors of information technology solutions to demonstrate thought leadership, inform potential customers and lead generation.

From a practitioner’s perspective, infosec white paper technical writing, on issues in IT security and compliance, ensures that you meet the cybersecurity and compliance requirements – by having your solution validated independently in an unbiased manner through a whitepaper.

Advantage? It allows vendors to prove or disprove a claims such as “our product is so great that it will actually save you money!”

What is a Cyber Security Whitepaper?

Information security is a subject on the rise. A constant stream of new information and reports regarding cyber threats, their prevention and relevant legislation are constantly emerging.

Security specialists are always analyzing the latest information that comes to light and disseminate it to interested parties. A white paper on the other hand can be an interesting way to showcase your expertise but without directly promoting yourself in a way that may turn readers off.

A cyber security whitepaper should be a convincing and engaging argument that’s aimed at creating a sense of urgency, giving you credibility as the expert in your field and making good use of your supporting evidence.

The best way to make sure that this is achieved is by following a logical structure which supports each argument you make while guiding the reader through that stems from the objective of completing your goal effectively by providing them with relevant information that you’ve researched thoroughly.

A white paper is typically written for a specific purpose, for example it could educate readers about a new technology to avert threats, close gaps, and effectively manage cybersecurity risks.

Achieve Your Cyber Security Whitepaper Priorities Today

Engaging white papers that are focused on C-level decision-makers

 A well-researched cyber security white paper or report can help you build trust with a tech-savvy audience and gain clarity on complex information security threats and issues through data analysis.

Instill Curiosity

Generate SQLs

Improve Engagement

How does our Cyber security white paper writing service work?

Our cyber security industry-focused writers are familiar with a wide range of cyber security vendor categories and information security policies pertaining to data privacy.

We tell your story from a buyers perspective. We highlight your cyber security products and services and highlight the real problems that need solving in the information security landscape so that you can position yourself to reach out to an industry audience with solutions to their problems.
Our cyber security content expert team has been known to collaborate with select security professionals who possess a multitude of certifications, upholds a thorough awareness regarding the distinct risks that are associated with their profession, and specializes in fighting against some of the toughest IT hazards that consumers face in regards to malware, malicious software, and more.

What are the two categories of Cyber Security whitepaper we write on

a well-researched tech white paper for your cyber security business

Cyber security whitepaper vendor product breakdown

A cyber security product breakdown whitepaper is similar to a recipe book in the kitchen; both are instructional manuals that describe how to make things. It’s important to have a clear product breakdown for your cyber security product – it will help customers make relevant decisions about which features and functions are of the greatest importance to their business in order to keep their cyber security safe.

Here’s an example of a cyber security product breakdown that describes how a vendor’s security software works, describes what problems it solves, and names all of the key features & functions.

Health care providers are the most frequent cyber-attack targets. Typically, they are targeted more than banks or retailers because their systems often possess huge amounts of rich personal information sought after by criminal organizations. Additionally, their systems are usually not as secure as other businesses, so access to them is much easier.

So, a healthcare cybersecurity white paper will help you understand how to avoid falling victim to the many cybersecurity threats out there. The information will explain:

  • how cybercriminals are able to access protected data
  • what you need to do to ensure your organization survives an attack, and
  • what steps you should take in case of an emergency.

Whitepaper on cyber security industry overview

A cyber security industry overview whitepaper covers security trends, cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and information security risks that can affect the cyber ecosystem as well secure from cyber security attacks like Malware, ransomware, phishing, Man-in-the-middle attack, Denial-of-service attack, SQL injection, Zero-day exploit, and DNS Tunneling etc. The OWASP top 10 threats is always a great drawer in cyber space.

Cybersecurity white paper related questions we can help answer

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How long will be the cyber security white paper?

The length of white paper is conditional upon the assignment requirements. We have seen a wide variety of white paper requirements word counts ranging from around 2,500 words to 6,000 or even more!

Do you design the finished whitepaper?


Can you add our infosec info from our cyber security company team?

We will be glad to talk to your team members and stakeholders about your cyber security offerings and inner workings.
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