CISSP Online Training

What is online CISSP certification training course?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification training program, offered by the (ISC) 2, validates your deep technical and managerial knowledge to secure the information security across an organization.

Why is CISSP certification training course important?

It’s important for IT security professionals to refresh their knowledge about information technology and the CISSP is a certification that tests one’s ability in this field.

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) online self-paced training course is like a compass that can help IT security professionals navigate their knowledge, identify areas which they need to study for the exam, and most importantly succeed in learning the material on their own.

Deciding the relevant and personalized CISSP training course online will hallmark the course of CISSP training path for your technical competence in the IT security domain.

Taking part in live online certification training for CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) via online CISSP certification training with qualified CISSP certification training experts enables IT professionals to participate from anywhere around the globe.

Different types of CISSP Training and Mentorship program, thanks to proven advantages of CISSP boot camps, virtual CISSP training courses are web-based training classes, seminars, and or CISSP training session workshops. It helps in:

  • Attending a live CISSP course remotely
  • Interacting with the CISSP trainer via audio, chat, and video
  • Slides-based training material.
  • Features to record live training sessions

CISSP Online Training Course Target Audience

  • Security Consultant
  • IT security-related practitioner
  • Information Security Officers (ISO)
  • Security Instructors
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Security Auditor
  • Network Architect
  • Director of Security
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Architect

7 BEST Online CISSP Training Courses

  • IT Governance CISSP Accelerated Training Course
  • Dooey
  • Master of Project Academy CISSP Training Course Online
  • Infosec CISSP boot camp
  • Grey Campus CISSP Certification Training
  • StationX CISSP Online Course
  • Quickstart CISSP Certification Course + Exam Bundle

CISSP Online self paced training

About CISSP 8 Domains

CISSP Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

CISSP Domain 2: Asset Security

CISSP Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

CISSP Domain 4: Communication and Network Security

CISSP Domain 5: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

CISSP Domain 6: Security Assessment and Testing

CISSP Domain 7: Security Operations

CISSP Domain 8: Software Development Security

CISSP Training Course Content

Current DomainsWeightDomains as of May 1, 2021Weight
Security and Risk Management15%Security and Risk Management15%
Asset Security10%Asset Security10%
Security Architecture and Engineering13%Security Architecture and Engineering13%
Communication and Network Security14%Communication and Network Security13%
Identity and Access Management (IAM)13%Identity and Access Management (IAM)13%
Security Assessment and Testing12%Security Assessment and Testing12%
Security Operations13%Security Operations13%
Software Development Security10%Software Development Security11%

List of Online CISSP Certification Training Course Providers

CISSP Certification Training

CISSP (Cybrary)

CISSP Certification Training – SimpliLearn


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