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What is the CISSP?

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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) training is one of the top security certifications an information security professional wants to earn. 

Created by The International System Security Consortium ISC, the CISSP designation indicates to employers that you are familiar with all aspects of information security ranging from risk management to legal aspects, not just technical expertise. 

With CISSP expertise one deeps dive into Security models, Business Impact Analysis, and security operations

CISSP teaches the eight fundamental domains of information security

CISSP professionals are highly sought after, given their advanced understanding of security and related topics that help to keep organizations safe.

By passing the CISSP exam, you’ll not only be able to demonstrate your experience and expertise in this field, but you’ll also gain access to the advantages of being a part of the International Systems Security Consortium.

How many domains are of the CISSP – (ISC)² CBK 2021?

There are 8 areas or CISSP domains, known as the ‘Common Body of Knowledge CBK’.

CISSP Domain #1: Security and Risk Management (Weightage 15%)

CISSP Domain #2: Asset Security (Weightage 10%)

CISSP Domain #3:Security Architecture and Engineering (Weightage 13%)

CISSP Domain #4: Communication and Network Security (Weightage 13%)

CISSP Domain #5: Identity and Access Management (IAM) (Weightage 13%)

CISSP Domain #6: Security Assessment and Testing (Weightage 12%)

CISSP Domain #7: Security Operations (Weightage 13%)

CISSP Domain #8: Software Development Security (Weightage 11%)

How does CISSP Certification benefit IT Career?

The ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is the well-respected information security professional certification. Recently, a 90,000-member LinkedIn community vouched for the fact that CISSP certification is the top-rated cyber security certificate when it comes to validating information skills in IT security.

What are the benefits of the CISSP Certification Course?

The merits and benefits of CISSP certification has following top 6 advantages:

CISSP Certification Benefit #1: Industry Wide Acceptance

CISSP Certification Benefit #2: Global Acknowledgement

CISSP Certification Benefit #3:Elevated Earning Potential

CISSP Certification Benefit #5:

 CISSP Certification Benefit #4: Better Expertise To Deal With Cybersecurity Threats

CISSP Certification Benefit #6 :Versatile Job Opportunities

How Becoming a CISSP can help your IT career?

The CISSP Certification accelerates your Cybersecurity career in terms of knowledge, skills and experience.

Companies usually look for candidates who have passed the CISSP exam because candidates with the CISSP credential are sufficiently knowledgeable about cybersecurity to be able to pass the certification exam, and have an understanding of both hard-earned theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience in the industry.

What are CISSP training courses formats?

Usually, there are 4 types of formats of CISSP training course:

CISSP Training Format 1: Classroom-based

CISSP Training Format 2: Online instructor-led

CISSP Training Format 3: Online self-paced

CISSP Training Format 1:Private on-site

CISSP Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Is getting a CISSP worth it?

CISSP certification holders are among the most studied and highly qualified security professionals in the world, allowing them to participate in multiple studies and surveys that evaluate what they get paid around the globe.

What is the Average CISSP Salary?

According to CISSP salary estimates CISSP-certified professionals earn a CISSP certification make a global average of U.S. 92,639 dollars annually while those with higher level of expertise can expect to make much more. 

How much is the CISSP exam fee?

The CISSP exam cost is $699.

CISSP Certification Introduction and Exam Tips – Udemy

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