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ZCyber Security guest post guidelines for Contributors

Thank you for your interest in writing for the ZCySec blog. We value your expertise and the insights you can share with our audience. Let’s work together to make sure your content meets our standards for publication. 

Please keep these guidelines in mind when you submit a guest post.

Our Audience

  1. Business Associates
  2. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)
  3. Chief Privacy Officers (CPO)
  4. Compliance Officers
  5. Covered Entities
  6. Cyber Risk Management Professionals
  7. IT Administrators
  8. Technology Vendors
  9. Software Developers

Topics to Write On

  • Cyber security regulations and compliance
  • Ransomware
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Network Security
  • Internet of Things
  • DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Incident Response
  • Phishing attacks
  • Cyber security training and courses
  • Malware
  • Cyber Ethics
  • Passwords and Authentication
  • Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Security at Home
  • Cyberbullying Topics
  • Data breaches
  • Compliance Audit and Assessment
  • Cloud Security & Risk
  • Working remotely
  • Business Continuity Management


Before writing a draft of your article, let us know as you finalize a topic and keywords. 


2-2.5K words. (No less than 2,000 words unless agreed upon ahead of time.)  


We strive for well-written, deep-dive articles that compliment ZCySec’s own expertise. Your article should offer our audience something new, either in the form of actionable content or deeply insightful, research-based information. 

Although external data is appropriate in some cases, the content you present should draw as much as possible from your own (individual or brand) insight. 


Please familiarize yourself with a few of our recent blog articles to get a sense of our tone. In general, we look for writing that is engaging but not breezy, in-depth but not overly jargonny.  

Above all, make sure your tone is not self-promotional or salesy. Let your expertise speak for itself. 

SEO and organization 

Please follow best practices for SEO-focused writing. Including:

  • Target keywords in title and (whenever possible) H2s 
  • Easily scannable text, broken up by subheadings, bullets, and/or numbered lists
  • Short, mobile-friendly paragraphs 


  • Include high-resolution screenshots if they add value to the text
  • Properly source all images

Links and data attribution 

  • Include only one link to your own content (in author bio or social handle in your bio) 
  • Include at least three links to relevant ZCySec content
  • Link externally only if you are citing data (always cite data!) or providing readers with additional resources. We aren’t against external links, but we just don’t want a click-fest. 


Please edit your work carefully before submitting. That being said, plan to work on at least one round of edits. We want to help you make your work the best it can possibly be. 

Publishing Process

Our publication process is very simple. Just send your article via email to info@zcybersecurity and our editors will review it. However, since our articles mainly cater to the US audience, we suggest that you get your article written in the US English language and review them accordingly for grammar and spellings before sending it over to us. Once we receive the article it will be reviewed by our team to ensure it meets all our criteria and is relevant to our requirement.

Note- We may do minor edits to align the article to our audience’s needs and to make it SEO-friendly. It will then be published.

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