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Digital technology has changed our lives irrevocably, with one area of growing concern being the cyber security threats that challenge our data security. One way to handle these threats effectively is by equipping your workforce with digital security training, as it will ultimately save you time and resources that could otherwise be spent on dealing with costly cyber crime.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness is the act of raising cyber security. 

Security awareness training is an excellent way to do this because it not only explains what’s at risk, but also how you can help fight against all of these potentially malicious attacks that can occur not just through data security breaches, but also the human factor of the black hat hacker.

Security awareness is more of a mindset than it is something you do. It’s important to understand the risks associated with every internet/email/phone interaction you have. 

It’s no surprise that large companies like Amazon and Google are the biggest targets for hackers but even small businesses like yours can be vulnerable if everything is not implemented in the right way.

Top security awareness training companies

  • KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training
  • Hook Security Awareness Training
  • Webroot security awareness training
  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training
  • Cofense PhishMe – Phishing Awareness Training
  • Terranova Security Awareness Platform
  • Kaspersky Cybersecurity Training
  • Inspired eLearing Security Awareness Solutions
  • SANS Security Awareness
  • Broadcom (Symantec)
  • Barracuda PhishLine
  • Cybrary
  • Sophos Phish Threat
  • Security Mentor Security Awareness Training Program
  • MetaCompliance
  • Mimecast Awareness Training
  • OutThink Human Risk Management Platform (SaaS)
  • CMD+CTRL Training – Security Innovation

This is why it’s important to invest in cyber security education; it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your hardware, you need to make sure you give your staff all of the tools necessary including education, training, and software solutions like teamviewer or skype for business – to ensure that cyber crime does not compromise confidential information.

You are ultimately responsible for your own security, but there are ways you can mitigate this responsibility so that it doesn’t weigh on your shoulders so heavily. 

To increase our cybersecurity, we need to know about all these amazing characteristics that help us become more safe and help us understand what is happening around us. 

We need to be aware of how dangerous the internet is, its threats and understand how to detect, respond and report network threats.

What is the meaning of security awareness training?

Security awareness is important for employees to understand the risks related to computer security and how, as a safeguard, they can help prevent any breaches or hacks. 

A good security awareness program should educate employees about computer-related policies and procedures for working with sensitive company data. 

Staff members must receive information on how they can report any IT threats immediately before they have a chance to do damage. 

As an added safety net, there should be guidelines on who to call if ever something were to happen – maybe corporate security? 

Regular training is particularly necessary in organizations where there tends to be a lot of employee turnover caused by staff being fired or resigning for some reason. So before things get out of hand, these days it’s necessary to hold regular sessions that keep the focus top of mind on everyone’s brain. 

And don’t just use them as an excuse to take a day off work!

Have you ever heard of NIST Special Publication 800-50? 

It is a guideline, providing methodologies and practices for an organization to implement training programs to maintain and sustain the health and safety culture within the workforce throughout the organization. 

The first thing an organization must take into account when creating their own training program is to think about:

  • what objectives they want to meet
  • what steps will be involved in achieving those objectives
  • who will take those actions
  • who should be trained and
  • how often such programs should occur.

Why is security awareness training needed?

Security awareness training program is an essential form of education that teaches employees the importance of information security along with what practices to avoid which can threaten sensitive data like employee credentials or proprietary projects.

What should security awareness training include?

Security awareness training might seem like the most excruciating task ever , but it’s actually quite critical in preventing unintentional leaks. Things like proprietary company data, personal login information, or other methods to access company systems are usually only supposed to be in possession of company employees who need these things to do their job or perform their role. If one isn’t careful, these things could get into the wrong hands and cost us time and money, not to mention endanger our private information.

What security topics should Security Awareness Training Program Include?

  1. Phishing
  2. Ransomware
  3. Passwords
  4. Malware
  5. Mobile Device Security
  6. Physical Security
  7. Wi-Fi Security
  8. Vishing
  9. Safe Web Browsing
  10. Social Engineering
  11. Encryption
  12. Backups

Security awareness training vendors Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 security awareness training and simulated phishing platform trains people about the threat of social engineering.
With more than 39,000 customers, KnowBe4 has the world’s most-wanted hacker, Kevin Mitnick as its Chief Hacking Officer at KnowBe4 and drives the interactive and web-based, live demonstration videos and short tests for security awareness.

Founded in 2010, KnowBe4 gives lots of options to enrich your employee security awareness program in protecting organizations against cyber threats. It offers:

  • Baseline Phishing Test
  • Train Users
  • Automated and simulated phishing attacks
  • Test Reports

psychological security awareness training

Psychological security awareness training

Hook Security Awareness Training Platform

Hook Security provides phishing testing and security awareness through its security awareness training platform. 

Through Automated Phishing Testing, you can send phishing tests to employees. Focused on cyber awareness, its training materials in the form of micro-learning and training videos are focused on making people understand how to use critical thinking to identify and avoid social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks.

Hook Security cyber awareness training platform has 2 sections dedicated for:

Cyber aware

Hook Security's 2 sections for Phishing testing

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Phishing testing

for real-world phishing simulations

Security awareness training

revolves around learning, compliance awareness and actionable reports

Automated phishing testing and automated reports, let’s talk about the top features Hook Security offer.

Phishing Testing

What is Phishing Simulator?

Hook Security’s phishing test (also known as a social engineering test) platform educates your users and reduces the risk of phishing attacks in your company by sending automated phishing emails to vulnerable employees.

When your employees end up clicking on a simulated phishing email or entering/providing their personal information in phishing pop-ups and fake sites /appearing to be something they’re not, take advantage of the situation by using it as an opportunity to show them what they may have overlooked by pointing out what they did wrong and why it happened to become one of the victims of phishing scams at some point in the future.

With automated phishing testing program, train your employees on the latest cyber threats.

Library of 100s of pre-made Phishing templates

Security Awareness Training

for a secured workforce

Getting security awareness training for employees can be challenging. The Hook Security security awareness feature makes learning appealing to employees and getting them to take it willingly without feeling confined.

Getting compliant is a must, so the security training platform makes sure your business information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands by training your employees in an engaging manner.

Personalized security awareness training content

Your employees are all different and you should treat your information security trainings accordingly. Our adapted cyber security training solutions help detect data breaches and threats and prevent loss of critical information.

Automate ongoing security awareness training programs

An increasingly growing need in companies of all types is cyber awareness training regarding the risks associated with operating a technology company. Easily automate and deploy the Hook Security awareness program to: 

  • Automated Course Enrollments
  • Automated Course Reminders
  • Automated Reporting

Protecting email-based attacks

Securing Inbox

Engage in simulated phishing attacks and make use of training so as to increase employee awareness throughout the entire lifespan of phishing-based emails.

KeepnetLabs' 4 phases of email based attacks Awareness

Keepnet Labs provides multiple security layers to protect your business at all stages of the attack lifecycle.

When it comes to identifying a mail security threat, you don't want to take any chances. That is why we look a little closer than most and give customers peace of mind with our how we handle security. Mail attacks are on the rise and can be very harmful if left undetected until after they have already done some damage.



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Increase Awareness Against Email Attacks

Keepnet Labs provides everything you need for a tailored phishing simulations and managed email-attacks awareness training with assignments training environment straight out of the box. It also offers multiple licensing options that can be tailored to each client's needs ensuring easy deployment.

Keepnet Labs helps companies make an assessment of the email security awareness of their team and then reassess in a way that will give a tangible measurement for the improvement in tackling cyber threats and preventing data leaks caused by email threats.

With vast and high-quality material, the platform helps in learning Incident response, automation, and training library features in a gamified form.

Keepnet Labs 4 Solutions For Email Threat Simulator Phishing Simulator Awareness Educator

Keepnet Labs Solution For Journey

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Email Threat Simulator

Test your email infrastructure and email gateway products to find potential vulnerabilities that may lead to a real attack. You can simulate an attack on your system.

  • 10+ real-world attack vectors
  • Reveal Misconfigurations
  • Get detailed actionable reports

Phishing Simulator

Test and quantify how vulnerable your business is to phishing attacks by sending benign phishing attacks to your team.

  • Simulating a BEC (Business Email Compromise) attack
  • 1000+ phishing email templates
  • LMS Integration

Awareness Educator

Train and enable your employees to learn about the threats, phishing and malicious email attacks.

  • Gamified Learning
  • Automatically send training to employees
  • Rich resources

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