11 Cyber Security Gift Ideas in 2024

In this article, we will explore unique cyber security-themed gift ideas in 2023, unravelling their importance and elucidating why your employees would love them.

Cybersecurity Gift #1: Cyber Security Welcome Kit for Onboarding New Employees

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees are well-equipped and motivated to handle them. With these cyber security gifts, you’re taking a significant step toward creating a more secure and resilient organization that’s ready for whatever the digital world has in store. In an era where remote work is common and cyber threats are rampant, equipping your employees with the tools and mindset to prioritize security is critical. Businesses that blend security consciousness into their company culture often witness a significant reduction in cyber incidents, while fostering employee engagement and loyalty. An ingenious and effective way to promote such a culture is through gifting.

The concept of a welcome kit isn’t new, but adding a cybersecurity spin can add immense value for both the employee and the organization. For instance, let’s explore the potential components of such a cyber security welcome kit in greater detail:

  • Security Checklist: This could be a detailed step-by-step guide that outlines how employees can secure their digital workspace. This could include guidelines for creating strong passwords, securing home Wi-Fi networks, identifying phishing emails, and reporting security incidents.
  • Guidebooks: These could comprise comprehensive materials on best practices for data privacy, social media security, handling confidential information, mobile device security, and more. These guidebooks serve as a ready reference whenever the employee is in doubt.
  • Encrypted Password Manager on a USB: In an age of multiple digital platforms, remembering passwords is a challenge, and it often leads to the creation of easily guessable passwords. An encrypted password manager can help employees maintain strong, unique passwords without the need to remember them all.
  • Cybersecurity Themed Stationery: A simple addition, such as a notebook with cybersecurity tips printed on the pages’ borders or a pen with a cybersecurity awareness message, can help reinforce the importance of cybersecurity on a daily basis.

The allure of this welcome kit comes from several angles. The first is the reassurance it offers. The kit says, “We’re all in this together.” It helps new hires understand that they’re joining a culture that takes security seriously, making them feel part of the team from day one.

Secondly, the practicality of the kit offers significant value. Every component serves a distinct purpose, guiding the employee on their journey to becoming a cybersecurity-conscious professional. They can put the tools and information in this kit to use immediately, securing their digital work environment.

Finally, the kit offers an enduring impact. Its contents aren’t just for onboarding; they’re essential references the employee can turn to throughout their time at the organization. This creates lasting value, which is sure to win the hearts of your new hires.

Cybersecurity Gift #2: Work From Anywhere Kit for Remote Employees, Traveling Sales Reps, and Hybrid Workers

The current business environment is increasingly flexible, with many companies adopting remote or hybrid work models. This flexibility, however, introduces new security challenges. Here’s a closer look at how the contents of a ‘Work From Anywhere Kit’ can tackle these challenges:

  • VPN Subscription: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures that employees can connect to the internet securely, even from unsecured networks. This is particularly useful for employees who may need to work from public spaces like cafes or airports.
  • Encrypted External Hard Drive: While cloud storage is increasingly common, there may be occasions where offline data storage is required. An encrypted hard drive ensures that the data remains secure even if the device is lost or stolen.
  • Privacy Screen for Laptop: In crowded places, a privacy screen prevents ‘visual hacking,’ where confidential information on the screen is viewed by others.
  • RFID Blocking Wallet: This protects personal cards from being scanned by unauthorized RFID readers, a common method of identity theft.

Just as with the welcome kit, the appeal of the ‘Work From Anywhere Kit’ is multifold. It assures employees that the company cares for their safety, no matter where they’re working from. It gives them the freedom to operate confidently from any location, knowing they have robust tools to protect their digital work environment. Furthermore, it makes them part of a pioneering movement towards a more flexible, yet secure, future of work.

Cybersecurity Gift #3: Cyber Security Themed Coffee Mug

Although it may seem simple, a cyber security themed coffee mug can carry substantial symbolic value. The phrases and images on the mug can be lighthearted, humorous, or even informative, reinforcing the importance of cybersecurity.

For example, a mug with the phrase “Beware of Phishers” not only adds a touch of humor to the morning coffee routine but also serves as a constant reminder to be vigilant against phishing scams. It could even start conversations among colleagues about their experiences with phishing attempts and how they thwarted them.

Employees would appreciate this type of gift for its subtlety and day-to-day utility. A cup of coffee or tea is often the first order of business for many professionals each day. As such, a cybersecurity-themed mug becomes a daily reminder of the importance of keeping information secure. In addition, its visual appeal and inherent utility would undoubtedly make it a well-loved item on any employee’s desk.

Cybersecurity Gift #4: Cyber Security Themed T-Shirt

Fashion and security might not seem like an obvious pair, but a cyber security themed t-shirt can help break down the barriers and make cybersecurity an integral part of everyday life. This type of gift also brings a sense of unity among employees, promoting a collective awareness about cybersecurity.

The t-shirt design could include clever taglines, such as “I protect bytes, not just bites,” or could incorporate visual representations of cybersecurity concepts, such as a shield to symbolize protection against threats.

One reason employees would love this gift is that it’s casual and comfortable, making it perfect for work-from-home days or team-building events. Another reason is the pride it brings. Wearing the t-shirt is a visible affirmation of their role in maintaining the organization’s cybersecurity. Finally, this gift fosters a sense of belonging, underscoring that every employee, regardless of their department or role, plays a part in keeping the organization secure.

Cybersecurity Gift #5: Linux Command Line Mousepad

This gift might seem rather technical, but for many employees, it’s a chance to level up their skills while adding a unique touch to their workspace. The Linux command line is a powerful tool, and having a quick reference guide at their fingertips can be a big boost to productivity.

A mousepad with Linux commands offers immediate benefits. Instead of wasting time searching online for commands, employees can simply glance at their mousepad. This improves efficiency and allows employees to get more comfortable with the command line.

Another reason employees would love this gift is that it subtly promotes continuous learning. With repeated exposure to these commands, employees can gradually absorb knowledge and expand their skills. Lastly, a Linux command line mousepad caters to the prevalent ‘geek’ culture in the tech and cybersecurity field, making it a stylish and functional desk accessory.

Cybersecurity Gift #6: Insulated Coffee Travel Cup

Much like the coffee mug, an insulated coffee travel cup provides a practical benefit while also promoting cybersecurity. With a cybersecurity-themed design or slogan, the cup serves as a constant reminder of the importance of data protection.

From a practical perspective, employees will appreciate a gift that keeps their beverage hot or cold, whether they’re commuting, traveling, or working. The designs or slogans on the cup can also spark conversations about cybersecurity, raising awareness among others who see the cup.

On a deeper level, an insulated coffee travel cup conveys a caring message from the company. It says the company cares not only about the security of its data but also about the well-being and comfort of its employees. This boosts employees’ morale and job satisfaction, which can positively impact their productivity and loyalty.

Cybersecurity Gift #7: Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are ever-present in an employee’s line of sight, making them the perfect medium to serve as a constant reminder of cybersecurity principles.

  • Keyboard Covers: A keyboard cover printed with reminders about secure password creation, regular updates, and the importance of not sharing sensitive information can be a great cybersecurity gift. Each time they type, they’re reminded of these crucial tips.
  • Monitor Borders: Monitor borders with cybersecurity-themed reminders or memes can add a fun element to the serious topic of cybersecurity.
  • Desk Calendar: A cybersecurity-themed desk calendar, with each month carrying a unique cybersecurity tip or fact, could be an engaging and practical gift that employees use and learn from throughout the year.

Cybersecurity Gift #7: Apparels

A piece of clothing is not just a functional gift; it can be a potent conversation starter, a mark of unity, and a fun way to spread cybersecurity awareness.

Hoodies: A comfortable, high-quality hoodie with a catchy cybersecurity slogan or image could be a hit among employees. The phrase could be something clever like “Firewalls are my Superpower”.

Caps: A cap, bearing a logo or symbol representing cybersecurity, could be an excellent gift for outdoor corporate events or team-building exercises.

Cybersecurity Gift #8: Stationery

Stationery items are a part of everyday work life, making them effective channels for promoting cybersecurity awareness.

Notebooks: Notebooks with cybersecurity tips or facts on each page can keep cybersecurity at the forefront of the employee’s mind.

Pens: A pen inscribed with a cybersecurity-themed quote or company’s security mission can be a subtle reminder of the employee’s role in maintaining cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Gift #9: Drinkware

Everyone enjoys a hot beverage while working. Why not turn this into a chance to foster cybersecurity awareness?

Thermos: A thermos bearing a cybersecurity-themed design, such as a shield representing protection, can be a useful and appreciated gift.

Water Bottles: Reusable water bottles with printed cybersecurity tips, or ones that change their design when filled with a cold beverage, can add a fun twist to security awareness.

Cybersecurity Gift #10: Bags

Bags are both practical and mobile, making them a great way to carry the cybersecurity message around.

  • Laptop Bags: A laptop bag with a cybersecurity slogan or icon can be an appreciated gift that also serves as a walking billboard for cybersecurity awareness.
  • Backpacks: Eco-friendly backpacks made from recycled materials, bearing cybersecurity-themed patches or pins, can serve as a constant reminder of data protection and environmental sustainability.

Cybersecurity Gift #10: Eco-friendly Gifts

Eco-friendly gifts not only promote cybersecurity awareness but also demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • Recycled USB Drives: USB drives made from recycled materials, pre-loaded with cybersecurity educational materials, can serve dual purposes – promoting cybersecurity awareness and environmental consciousness.
  • Plantable Seed Paper: Seed paper with printed cybersecurity tips can be a unique gift. Once the tips are read and remembered, the paper can be planted to grow into herbs or flowers, symbolizing growth and sustainability.

Cybersecurity Gift #11: Phone Accessories

Since smartphones are an integral part of our lives, phone accessories are an excellent medium to promote cybersecurity awareness.

  • Phone Cases: Phone cases with cybersecurity-themed designs can remind users about data security every time they use their phone.
  • PopSockets: PopSockets, the popular phone accessories that provide a secure grip for texting or snapping a perfect selfie, could carry a cybersecurity-themed logo or message, subtly reminding the user of the importance of digital security.
  • Screen Cleaners: A microfiber screen cleaner sticker for mobile devices, imprinted with a cybersecurity message, can be a practical gift that keeps cybersecurity at the forefront each time the user cleans their screen.

Incorporating cybersecurity themes into gifts that employees use daily isn’t just thoughtful, but it’s also an effective way to continually emphasize the importance of data protection. It turns the abstract concept of cybersecurity into something tangible and relatable, fostering a stronger cybersecurity culture in your organization.

Above all, these gifts are about more than just the physical items themselves. They’re part of a broader strategy to promote a culture of cybersecurity within your organization. By providing these items, you’re not just giving employees something tangible – you’re sending a message that security matters, and it’s a responsibility that everyone shares. This strategy helps transform employees from being potential cybersecurity liabilities to becoming proactive defenders of your organization’s digital assets.

Furthermore, these gifts also serve to reduce the knowledge gap between your cybersecurity team and other employees. Cybersecurity is a complex field with its own jargon and conventions, which can seem alien to those outside the field. But by incorporating cybersecurity themes into everyday items, you can make this crucial area more accessible and less intimidating. In this way, employees can better understand the role they play in cybersecurity and feel more empowered to contribute.

In conclusion, the six cybersecurity gift ideas discussed in this article offer a unique approach to promoting a culture of cybersecurity within your organization. They blend practicality with creativity, providing your employees with something they can use and appreciate while also fostering an environment that values and prioritizes cybersecurity. Remember, the goal is not just to give a gift, but to make cybersecurity a well-loved and embraced part of your company culture.

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