How much does the CISSP certification cost in India 2024?

We understand that becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is no easy feat. That’s why, as a leading training provider in India, we offer comprehensive and interactive courses to help you prepare for the CISSP exam with confidence. Our top-rated CISSP instructors will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed not only to pass the exam but also to excel in your cybersecurity career.

As a CISSP certification training provider in India, the comprehensive CISSP certification training fees is INR 57,129.10, which covers the essential materials, resources, and instruction necessary for a successful exam experience.

The CISSP certification is highly regarded in the professional world due to its consistent recognition as the top-paying industry designation. According to (ISC)2’s 2018 report, individuals holding a CISSP earned an average salary of $131,030. Although there are no current statistics on subsequent years’ salaries, it’s safe to assume that with a continued skill gap in information security positions, those who hold this certification can expect even higher compensation rates. The value of a CISSP isn’t just about monetary gain; it speaks to an individual’s expertise within their field and their commitment to maintaining high standards of knowledge and practice.

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What is the average CISSP salary in India per month?

If you’re considering a career as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in India, it’s important to know what kind of salary range you can expect. On average, CISOs in India earn about ₹ 35.8 lakhs per year. 

However, this number varies depending on your experience level and job responsibilities. 

The salary for CISOs in India can range from ₹16.4 lakhs to ₹98.3 lakhs annually, with factors such as company size and industry also playing a role in determining compensation packages. Ultimately, if you have the right qualifications and experience for the job, working as a CISO is an excellent way to build your career while making competitive wages.

Here are the details for the CISSP Exam in English

  • Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)
  • Duration: Up to 3 hours
  • Number of Questions: 100-150 (including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Advanced Innovative Questions)
  • Passing Score: 700 out of 1000 points is required

For non-English exams, the CISSP exam follows a linear, fixed-form format. This means that all candidates receive the same set of questions, which are presented in a predetermined order.

Our CISSP training course is designed to help you understand the various domains of information security and equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the CISSP exam. With our expert guidance and comprehensive resources, you can confidently pursue the CISSP certification and advance your career in the field of information security.

CISSP Certification Training Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of CISSP certification training in India can vary depending on the training provider and format of the course. On average, the cost of CISSP training in India is around INR 57,129.10. However, this figure may differ based on the CISSP course duration, materials, and additional resources provided.

Generally, the exam fee is not included in the training cost. The training fee covers the course materials, resources, and instruction. Candidates must pay the exam fee separately, which is approximately USD 749 for the CISSP exam.

Yes, the CISSP certification cost can vary depending on the format of the training. Classroom-based and online instructor-led training typically have higher fees due to the involvement of live instructors, whereas online self-paced training may be more affordable since it consists of pre-recorded content.

Apart from the training and exam fees, there may be additional costs related to study materials, practice exams, or supplementary resources. Additionally, once certified, CISSP professionals are required to pay an annual maintenance fee and complete Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to maintain their certification.

Some training providers may offer discounts or financial assistance to eligible candidates, such as students, military personnel, or group bookings. It is best to contact the training provider directly to inquire about any available discounts or financial assistance programs.

Retaking the training depends on the training provider’s policy. Some providers may offer a free or discounted retake of the course, while others may require you to pay the full fee again. It’s essential to check with your training provider for their specific retake policy.

The CISSP certification is globally recognized and highly valued in the field of information security. Obtaining the CISSP certification can help you enhance your credibility, increase your earning potential, and open up new career opportunities. Considering the benefits of the certification, many professionals find the cost of the CISSP training and exam to be a worthwhile investment.

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