Aura identity guard reviews 2023

In today’s digital age, the threat of identity theft is ever-present, with hackers and cybercriminals constantly finding new ways to steal personal information. With the rise of online banking, social media, and other internet-based services, it has become more critical than ever to protect your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. That’s where identity theft protection services like Aura come in.

In this Aura Identity Guard review blog post, we will review Aura identity theft and explore its features, pricing pros, and cons.

We’ll also provide unbiased opinion in the form of a detailed summary of what Aura identity theft is, how it works, and how it can help you protect your personal information from identity theft.

In this Aura ID Guard review, you will see:

  • What is Aura identity protection?
  • What Aura Identity Guard does well?
  • What Aura Identity Guard doesn’t do well?
  • Our opinion of Aura Identity Guard and account monitoring and the newly launched Digital Crime Index report
  • Whether Aura Identity Guard is worth the free trial
  • and much more.

Aura Identity Guard Review: Details, Features & Pricing

What is Aura identity protection?

Aura identity protection is a comprehensive all-in-one, proactive identity theft protection service that helps users stay informed and protected against various types of identity theft. By monitoring personal information, credit reports, and online accounts, Aura offers a proactive approach to identity theft protection that can help users detect and prevent fraud before it causes significant harm.

Aura Identity Guard – An Overview

Aura identity protection offers a range of features, including credit and fraud monitoring, dark web monitoring, social media monitoring, and identity theft insurance coverage of up to $1 million. Additionally, Aura offers complete device and network protection to help protect against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

Aura Identity Guard Features Review

Aura Financial Fraud Protection

Aura Identity Guard’s Financial Fraud Protection is a feature that helps protect users from financial fraud and unauthorized credit inquiries. Comprising of credit monitoring, credit lock, and financial tools, feature is designed to monitor users’ credit reports and alert them to any suspicious activity that may indicate identity theft or fraud. The following are the six financial fraud protection features of Aura and these help:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Credit Lock
  • Financial Transaction Monitoring
  • Bank Account Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Remediation
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*

Aura Credit monitoring

Aura Credit Monitoring is a valuable feature that offers comprehensive monitoring of users’ credit reports and sends near-real-time alerts of any significant changes. By monitoring all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian), Aura provides users with a complete picture of their credit history and alerts them to any potential threats to their financial security.

The feature is designed to provide users with real-time alerts of any significant changes to their credit reports, allowing them to take prompt action to prevent further damage.

Aura Credit Lock

Aura Financial Transaction Monitoring

Aura Bank Account Monitoring

Aura Lost Wallet Remediation

Aura $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance*

Financial Fraud Protection works by monitoring the user’s credit reports for any new credit inquiries, credit applications, or other changes to their credit profile. If any suspicious activity is detected, Aura Identity Guard will send an alert to the user via email or text message, notifying them of the potential fraud and prompting them to take action.

One of the unique aspects of Aura Identity Guard’s Financial Fraud Protection is its ability to deliver credit alerts in real-time. Aura claims that it can deliver credit alerts within minutes of detecting any suspicious activity, which can be crucial in preventing identity theft or financial fraud from causing significant harm.

Financial Fraud Protection also offers users access to their credit reports and credit scores, allowing them to monitor their credit history and track any changes over time. This feature can be helpful in identifying any inaccuracies or errors in their credit report that may impact their creditworthiness.

Overall, Aura Identity Guard’s Financial Fraud Protection is a valuable feature that offers comprehensive monitoring of users’ credit reports and alerts them to any potential fraud or suspicious activity. By delivering alerts in real-time, Aura provides users with a proactive approach to protecting their finances and preventing identity theft.

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