Dark web monitoring services

What is Dark Web?

The dark web is a term used to describe the parts of the World Wide Web that aren’t easily accessible to most people. It exists on what are called darknets, which are overlay networks that use the Internet but require special software or authorization to access.

The Dark Web the place where you can access all manner of illegal goods and services. It’s full of websites, forums, stolen passwords, PIIs, credit card details, intellectual property theft information, and platforms that aren’t detectable by standard search engines, and it’s often used for illegal or illicit purposes.

From drugs, identity theft, and weapons to hire hitmen, if a cyber criminal is looking to break the law, then the Dark web is where he wants to be.

What is Dark Web Monitoring Service?

A dark web monitoring service can help you search, find and track information exchanges, in the form of leaked, compromised or stolen information being shared among malicious cyber criminals/ threat actors on the dark web.

Darn Web monitoring tools can provide actionable cyber security risk intelligence on finding leaked or stolen information, such as compromised passwords, breached login credentials, intellectual property, stolen credit card information on underground forums, and other sensitive data. This data is being shared and sold among malicious actors who operate on the Dark Web. Using a Dark Web scanning service can help protect your organization’s data and reputation.

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