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Time and again, we have been hearing about how ‘cyber security hast to be a collective step’ and everyone from employees to operations need to be on the same page.

But eyebrows are raised when we come to know that there have been more than 400 million cyber attacks recorded/observed as 2020 unfolded.

First, a small context before we head to Cyber Security Tabletop exercise addressal

Definition: What is cyber security tabletop exercise?

Cyber Security best practices again created a ripple effect around metrics surrounding cybersecurity issues. Come 2021, cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion.

1 thing is for sure.

Scenario looks

From employees and your operations, it needs to be a collective approach not let cyber security incident take place. And, in worst case, if there is security incident, how prepared are we to gauge breach readiness maturity. If unprepared, business-impacting cyber crisis is going to harm reputation, business operations and profitability.

And when the organization happens to be WHO, seeing 5 fold attacks on its staff,  falling prey to every 39 seconds finding or your cyber security incident response plan is looked at. But is it sufficient? Is Incident response plan is really prepared to reach post-incident?

This is where a Cyber Security Incident Tabletop Exercise comes into the picture which not just Evaluate the preparedness program but also enriches an organization’s emergency response practices.

So, in short here is the definition of Tabletop Exercise:

A Cyber Security tabletop exercise (TTX) is a discussion-based event, in an informal setting, to assess response plans, policies, and procedures when a Cyber incident or crisis occurs.

This also helps in understanding roles of people, during an emergency or cyber crisis, and their responses.

So, idea is to measure an organization’s breach-readiness and imbibe culture into the subconscious minds. It not just helps in identification of missing links between documented incident response plan but also analyses an organization’s crisis management capabilities in the event of an actual cyber.

With tabletop planning exercise scenarios, security awareness, incident, and crisis response capabilities get a fresh facelift to validate team member’s roles and responsibilities.

Cyber security tabletops are also required to shake hands with different regulation, policy, or standard.

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