cyber security lead generation

How do you create demand generation?

It depends on your know-how of the trinity of data, content and creativity in your sales demand generation techniques.

Through multiple touch-points campaigns, engaging and interactive content (for each stage of buyer’s journey in a marketing funnel), events, social media, sales enablement content and sales and marketing alignment etc., you build and measure a successful demand generation strategy.

Know-how of working with channels like:

  • Paid Search
  • Personalized messaging to get interest from IT executives or champion
  • Emails
  • Traditional marketing channels, e.g., SEO, Security or Tech conferences, webinars or roadshows, website traffic (on-page lead generation) etc.
  • Outbound Calling
  • Sales cadence
  • Display Campaigns
  • Promotional content
  • Social media for personality display etc,
  • ABM (Account-Based Marketing) etc.

What are the 4 most effective Cyber Security demand generation tactics?

Be Consistent and stable:

In your cyber security breaches prevention message across channels

Create a solid bridge for marketing and sales team alignment

Ensure your value proposition is not lost between quantitative and qualitative insights by cyber security sales and marketing teams.

Develop Buyer Personas for your Cyber security Client

Who is your ideal customer persona when it comes to selling cyber security? A fictional understanding of buyer persona is crucial for demand generation activities.  

An ideal representation of your ideal customer and development of customer journey maps helps shape cybersecurity content strategies for IT executives, e.g., CISOs, CEOs, IT managers, Network and Security Managers, IT Directors, CTOs, CxOs, etc.

Monitor KPIs of Demand Gen Campaigns to Optimize

Focus on data-driven key performance metrics (KPIs) and data to measure the effectiveness of the demand generation marketing funnel. From funnel-oriented content to Close Rate Per Channel, you would have a fair idea about how your campaigns are generating lead-oriented interests from:

  1. Web site traffic (sources, pages, and locations etc.)
  2. ABM Lead Generation and scoring (account list building, email cadence performance etc.)
  3. Content (articles, blogs, whitepaper etc.)
  4. CRM optimization (to keep bad data away)
  5. Sales enablement (to sell more effectively through right and relevant content, tools, and resources)
  6. SQLs
  7. MQLs etc.

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